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Ghost Town

This song is by Pierce Pettis and appears on the album While The Serpent Lies Sleeping (1989).

Ghost town,
You used to be mine, but you went away, left me so far behind,
I find strangers when I look for friends of mine in this ghost town.

Ghost town,
Hoped for so much more than in most towns,
But if hoping's what you're for, you sure let me down,
Down in the cold, cold ground, ghost town.

As far as good times go, you have known the best,
But you've settled, ah, for so much less,
You're just a shell of your former self.
You're just a ghost town, oh yeah, yeah.

Ghost town, you sure have changed,
Not for better, but for worse,
I am afraid of this ghost town,
Dried up, blowing away, ghost town,
Oh yeah,
Oh yeah.

Ghost town,
I got to get away from you or I might... I might become a ghost too,
Before the city gates I'll beat the dust off my shoes, from this ghost town,
Oh yeah,
Oh yeah, whoa.

Ghost town,
There's more in this world for me than just a ghost town,
Oh, I've got to be free from this ghost town,
You scare the hell out of me, ghost town.

Oh yeah,
Oh yeah,

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