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Depending On Gravity

This song is by Pierce Pettis and appears on the album Making Light Of It (1996).

I've always had this fear of heights
I don't like looking down
I tend to get my bearings
From things that don't move around
I've always placed a lot in faith
In the ground beneath my feet
Oh and I have lived my life
Depending on gravity

Now I'm up here on this high wire
Feeling lighter than the air
It's a precarious position
But I don't even care
Better watch my step, I guess
It just takes one false move
And I could fall for you
Depending on gravity

Don't you over wish
That you could stray a bit off course
To where the laws of physics
Aren't so strictly enforced
Just let me hold you in suspense
And let the chips tall where they must
Depending on gravity
Depending on gravity

All things being equal
When you've fallen on your face
But in my flying dreams it seems
I'm somehow lifted up
And it seems there's just too much
Depending on gravity

Depending on gravity

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