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A Book I Should Not Read

This song is by Piano Magic and appears on the album Heart Machinery: A Piano Magic Retrospective 2001-2008 (2013).

All armies bear their losses, yet still they rally on
The fanfare may be muted, the spirit may be gone
And Troy was devastated by an accident of greed
I knew that you were taken; a book I should not read
But the sun danced in your shadow like the mocking of a bird
And I was dragged down to your depth
And I clung to every word
You're a statue in my past
You are stone amongst the grass
Byzantine and cold but never growing old
And the clouds pass over Europe as the night, it battens down
I am drinking in the backroom of a bar of some renown
And I'm thinking how I lost you, how I let go of your hand
Your last words wore a sadness
You were drowned out by the band

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