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Can't Come Down

This song is by Photek, features Robert Owens and appears on the album Solaris (2000).

Let heal my mind
By the open sea

Can you do it?
Can ya, can ya, can ya come down?

Ever since your love has brought me around

Can you do it?...

Remember the times we shared?
Heart, soul, and mind
Just the two of us

Well, can ya come down?

Ah, yah!
Can ya come down?
Oh, ya know what I gotta do right now?
Gotta clear my mind
Gotta wade in the water

Ah, yah, mm
Oh, no
Oh, no

I can't come down
Come down
Can't come down

Your love, your love
Your love, your love

Brought me around
I can't, can't, can't
Come down
It's like a ride
I'm on a high
And I don't ever want to touch "goodbye"
A blue lit sky
I can't see
What more could a man ever need?

Remember the times we shared...

Mm, I can't touch down
On a high, on a ride
For the rest of my life

Can ya do it?...

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