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South (Of America)

This song is by Phosphorescent and appears on the album Aw Come Aw Wry (2005).


There's dogs calling awfully out here
There's crows with their mouths filled with tears
And there's black water calling all around where we lay
And I have been sad now too many days
And she would harness my heart if it harnessed that way.
So babe, I am going, I am going away.

The men are all gorgeous down here.
Long and brown like deer.
And she's always arriving in her dark river skirt.
Winding holes through the valley.
Bending bones in the dirt.
Hiding poems I had tossed under blankets of sand.
Babe, I am sorry. I'm sorry I am.

It never gets cold way down here.
I can live off of watermelons and beer.
And I'll never go hungry; I will never go home.
Never call to my lover, "lover, leave me alone."
Never harden my heart like some fruit in the snow.
But will walk babe (I know this) unnoticed, unknown.

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