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​He'll Never Let You Go

This song is by Phillips, Craig & Dean and appears on the album Phillips, Craig & Dean (1992).

You don't have to say it
I can see it in your eyes
Though your heart is bruised
You hide the truth
Beneath a fine disguise

I've got something to tell you
Though it's simple it's said with love
Nothing new, still it's as true
As it ever was

He'll never let you go, oh no
That's never been His way
When He said that He would love you
He was talking about for always
He'll never let you go, no matter how low
You feel that you have fallen
His arms are longer still
And He wants you to know
He'll never let you go

You trace through your failures
And good intentions left behind
And you wonder when you'll fly again
You've lost the will to try

But there in your weakness
You will find the wings of the wind
Should you get scare, He'll be there
Where He's always been

And in the desert place where the heart can't sing
When your faith is shaken
When you can't face the morning
You're not on your own
You'll never walk alone
He's got you safe beneath His wings, oh