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Looking Like Love

This song is by Phil Stacey and appears on the album Phil Stacey (2008).

Started off easy
Downtown, the lights comin' on
The sun goin' down
You were leanin' back on me
Just messin' around
Puttin' your hair up in a ponytail

Boat on a river
Floatin' by, that's when you
Looked at me
With somethin' else on your mind
I took a chance
And kissed you right on your smile
Felt somethin' I ain't never felt

But we knew somethin' just got set in motion

How could we have known
We were standin' on the edge of forever
We didn't know where this was goin'
But we were together and that was enough
And when the sun came up
Yeah, it was looking like love

No time to wonder
What lied past the curve of the earth
Our place on that grass
It fell out of nowhere
It happened so fast
We were just holdin' on

So free, runnin' on young and innocent

Baby, here we are
Lookin' back on where we started

Like love
It was looking like love

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