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Phil Stacey (2008)Edit

Phil Stacey - Phil Stacey
Phil Stacey
  1. It's Who You Know
  2. Looking Like Love
  3. If You Didn't Love Me
  4. No Way Around A River
  5. 'Round Here
  6. Be Good To Each Other
  7. Find You
  8. You Are Mine
  9. What I'm Fighting For
  10. Still Going Through
  11. Identity

Into the Light (2009)Edit

Phil Stacey - Into The Light
Into The Light
  1. Inside Out
  2. It's Gotta Be Love
  3. You're Not Shaken
  4. Sanctuary
  5. One
  6. With All My Heart
  7. Into The Light
  8. Some Kind Of Love
  9. Glorious
  10. Hard To Get
  11. Old Glory

Faith (2011)Edit

Phil Stacey - Faith
  1. Have A Little Faith In Me
  2. Everyone (Praises)
  3. Salvation Is Here
  4. More Than That
  5. Be Good To Each Other
  6. Hold Me, Jesus
  7. At The End
  8. The Beatitudes Song
  9. Forgive Me
  10. Search Me, O God

Other SongsEdit

  1. Can You Feel The Love Tonight?
  2. I Could Not Ask For More
  3. Maria Maria
  4. My Girl
  5. Santuary

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