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​You and Me Against A World Of Pain

This song is by Phideaux and appears on the album The Great Leap (2006).

Well it could be all roads eventually
And it could be meetings are destined to be
Well it could be

Well it could be there's nothing new in these stars
And it could be I'll stay wherever you are
Well it could be you and me against a world of pain
And it could be I'll smile beside you in the rain

Well it could be a new world right out the door
It could be all that for us to explore

All storms are beautiful, all fall you down my way

All raging beautiful. Gaze upon you, when I saw you
Heart what have you strayed? Waiting for you,
Will adore you - Come, twister stay

All storms are beautiful
Hold me till I feel the world is real

Always so beautiful
Feast upon me, lips upon me tear me from the floor
Whip right through me, wind consume me
There is only more
Will it be you? You against them