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Wake Up

This song is by Phideaux and appears on the album The Great Leap (2006).

Go wake them up, take their pulse
Are they really living?
Go shake them up, break them loose
Are they really breathing?

Come to us now, pull the plug
This is your awakening
We are not alone, it's coming home
Look: there's something happening

Bring me the head of someone good - As if you could
Take me on a night ride to a righteous neighborhood
Wish you would

Promise me everything can change and be okay
Lie if you have to that's the way to make us obey
Throw us to the wolves and wolverines
Kick us to the ground
Spit up on our hopes and all our dreams
We'll never let you down

My, my, the book of life is floating by
Hey, hey, the book of life could float away

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