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Two: Dormouse Escapes

This song is by Phideaux and appears on the album Number Seven (2009).

6. Darkness At NoonEdit

I am standing by the wire
Where there’s nothing seen for miles
Oh, hold me back against the rain
Oh no, feel my feet again

On a train of human cargo
I was standing in the crush
The rush to feel the air against my skin
Might never feel that again

On the train that brought me here
I was separated from you
They can drag my body broken
But that’s all that they can do

No I won’t
Feel the weight of the stone
I won’t wait
Until the ground is my home

7. PrequiemEdit

I have no fear
I have no fear
I have no fear anymore

8. Gift Of The FlameEdit

By the ivory coast sits a man
In a most angry pose
He’s wasting away
As the buzzards peck little holes
There’s a boy by a pool
Who simply can’t move but to drool
Staring ever in to a silly grin
Trapped beside the pool

And across the way
There’s a man who can’t wait
His stomach growls and he salivates
Never to be satisfied, nor to die

Hour by hour I wait for my flower to bloom
It’s a hideous black mushroom
Odious spore of doom
And I crouch by the glass
In the underpass of the moon
Wondering what’s in store
Beyond my bolted door

And across the hall
There’s a man who just waits
He’s sick to death and he gives in to Fate
Never does he try not to die

By the ivory coast sits the suet man
Still in chains as day by day
The buzzard birds bite bits away
And he sacrificed himself
Stealing fire that we could tame

9. Interview With A DormouseEdit

Dormouse, dormouse
Have you any cheese
Or did it melt in the thermonuclear breeze?

10. Thermonuclear CheeseEdit

TrebleClef Instrumental

11. The Search For Terrestrial LifeEdit

A long time ago I was inspired
And now I wonder has it all expired?
Past redeeming, numb to feeling
Where is any shred of meaning?
I don’t know why
Now it seems like something’s missing
Years flow the story goes
Narration brings the image closer
I know, I’m repeating all the same mistakes

I am the arm that’s bleeding
I am the storm that’s forming
I am the rope that’s coiling
Reaching for the waiting hand
So here I am calling, calling, calling
For a face in the crowd to shepherd me out
Lead me down the road

I was praying
Someone would find my hideaway
Yes it’s a long climb through rocky crags
To my jagged brain
Days of waiting, waiting, waiting
For a sliver of sound, cascade and rebound
Bring me down

I see victory
Right in your grasp if you want it to be
Always it was lurking
Never very far for your heart to see
This day it is your day, breaking like a wave
In the waters free, taking control
If you’d only agree, coming very close
It’s coming, are you ready?

One day the story will unwind
You will move past and leave the rest behind
Now it’s retreating
It is clearing from your mind
Though you can still feel it pulling
You’re aligned, there’s no returning
You are on your way down and down
Reaching ground

Icy wastes recede, permafrost gone
Spring intervenes. Always it was waiting
Flung like a leaf down to nourish the tree
Far underground where the roots are deep
Always around, and watching, watching me

12. A Fistful Of FortitudeEdit

I can still feel
I can still feel the thrill
I can still feel the thrill inside
Deep down inside, down inside

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