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Three: Dormouse Enlightened

This song is by Phideaux and appears on the album Number Seven (2009).

13. Love Theme From "Number Seven"

14. Storia Senti
Storia senti
Mi nate che hai sentito
Non nascondere, il tempo arrivato loso
L'storia mente
Pavorito, senza luce a morto
Sta n'quel mentre, ami lado, sembra vido
Manacia la vita, dove io andaro

15. Infinite Supply
The stars in the sky were lonely tonight
And so we lit a fire in solidarity
The rain it falls the wind will call
All things that bring prosperity
Take care, take heed, take everything you need
This always will be your sanctuary
Hey it's me, I'm looking but I don't see
Please just explain, what am I missing?
You know I try, I keep looking, I don't know why
All I need is right before my eyes

Oh the size
I believe it now, it's immense and wild
All this time, lost in the scale of my tiny mind
Small and alone, blind and confined
If I could see the night
Miles out in space the chemicals ignite
Everything moves, expands and collides
But I never knew the universe was wide

The stars will feed forever, as decreed
Blow dust and seed ever on their way
I can feel the sky
All of the world covered in life
Breeze through the wind with all it provides
Showering down it's the infinite supply

16. Dormouse - An End
Dormouse, dormouse: are you far away?
Just a word that you're okay
Dormouse, dormouse: how are you today?
You're alive and you escaped
Dormouse, dormouse: what have you seen?
You've been to London or what used to be
Dormouse, is it really not there?
The taste of sulfur in the acrid air
From a world laid bare
Dormouse, dormouse:
Have you lost your faith?
See Jesus' face in the nuclear waste

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