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One: Dormouse Ensnared

This song is by Phideaux and appears on the album Number Seven (2009).

1. Dormouse - A ThemeEdit

TrebleClef Instrumental

2. Waiting For The Axe To FallEdit

Waiting for the axe to fall
You might stumble, you might crawl
Don’t go any faster, it catches up to you
It will pull you down
Because of what you know
It’s true

You might be the sum of all
Scratching through the firewall
Don’t go any further stranded out alone
I pray for you now
Be careful of your own

Waiting for the ice to thaw
This collapse awaits us all
Don’t come any closer
It’s what you’re meant to do
Follow me out
We might just make it through

3. Hive MindEdit

I was beside you at night on the lines
You in a session that shattered the mind
Something exploding into your field
Some type of omen to you was revealed

You and I were talking as if we were alive
You were expected to contact the hive
Something beyond was preparing the siege
Wait for the answers we already believe

4. The Claws Of A CrayfishEdit

Wear away your heart – tear it apart
Deep inside your head – broken in shreds
Back behind your eyes – emptiness lies

The claws of a crayfish, it’s true
Pose little threat to a shrew
But we’re lost in a blizzard of sound
In hard armoured words we are drowned

Hard armoured words we were clucking
Like birds having heard but deferred
Until the worst had occurred

You and I were talking, at least I tried
You and I were walking
But you seemed to slide
Something was pulling you out of my life
Something was waiting
Inciting you to hide
Are you free?

5. My Sleeping SlaveEdit

I leave you on the way
I have to go, you have to stay
And so I walk away
I did not want it this way
But he who understands
Must make his plans
And stand alone
When faced with all the proof
The living truth, how else to go?
Inside what do you find, will it be pain?
Will it be cold shame?
But know: there is a day
There is a way you can come home
So on and on I stay
I’ll try to hold on for that day.

Be still my sleeping slave
It’s time to wake up from the grave

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