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​Long and Lonely Way

This song is by Phideaux and appears on the album The Great Leap (2006).

I remember going deep into a dream
Like I was sucked up inside
On awakening I was where I'd never been
So I just laid down and cried
What have they done to me?

Here on this frosty plain there was ice cold crust in my veins
Yeah, I've been shivering here wish that I could have you near
But it's a long way down, it's a long way down from here
It's a long and lonely way, it's a long long long way down

Where is my name?
What have they done to me?

I keep trying to keep hold of who I am
If you could help me I might stand a chance
But oh you're so far below
And I'm trapped up here in the snow
I think I'm justified in taking one last little ride
Such a long way down

I stumble, I do. I tumble round, I crumble for you
I tumble down, such a long way down

Got you - It's true, I tumble down
I stumble for you, dissemble down, I crumble for you
I'm falling down

I stumble for you
But you don't even know