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This song is by PH Factor.

It could've been me standing on that corner
Selling my body, for some drugs to fill my head
It could've been me lying in a hospital
With some uncurable disease

But I'm glad to know
That love was in my corner
When I stepped into the ring
It was love
Love was in my corner
Because my captain is the King
Love was in my corner

The victory is in me all of my soul says yes to you
And I'm taking it to the streets, I want to say thanks
Thanks for the many blessings
For all you've done for me
You've set my spirit free

Thank you, thank you, thank you yes I do
It could have been you
Blinded by ambition, lost and lonely
With no place to lay your head

It could have been me but by His grace and provision
He kept me safe so I could see that love

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