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In Hollywood (1959)Edit

Petula Clark - In Hollywood

In Hollywood

  1. Day In, Day Out
  2. Darn That Dream
  3. Mama's Talkin' Soft
  4. For the Very First Time
  5. That's How It Feels
  6. (Where Are You?) Now That I Need You
  7. I Love a Violin
  8. I'm in Love Again
  9. A Doodlin' Song
  10. There's a Small Hotel
  11. Lucky
  12. Too Darn Hot

Downtown (1964)Edit

Petula Clark - Downtown


  1. True Love Never Runs Smooth
  2. Baby It's Me
  3. Now That You've Gone
  4. Tell Me (That It's Love)
  5. Crying Through a Sleepless Night
  6. In Love
  7. Music
  8. Be Good to Me
  9. This Is Goodbye
  10. Let Me Tell You
  11. You Belong to Me
  12. Downtown

In Love! (1965)Edit

Petula Clark - In Love

In Love!

  1. In Love
  2. Baby It's Me
  3. Les chants de l'été
  4. I Will Follow Him (Chariot)
  5. Quelli che hano un cuore (Anyone Who Had a Heart)
  6. Darling Cheri
  7. Plaza de toros (The Lonely Bull)
  8. Casanova baciami
  9. The Road
  10. Jumble Sale
  11. Gigolo gigolino
  12. Elle est finie

My Love (1966)Edit

Petula Clark - My Love

My Love

  • Note: Artist's name for this album: Pet Clark
  1. My Love
  2. Hold on to What You've Got
  3. We Can Work It Out
  4. Time for Love
  5. Just Say Goodbye
  6. The Life and Soul of the Party
  7. A Sign of the Times
  8. The Thirty First of June
  9. Where Did We Go Wrong
  10. I Can't Remember (Ever Loving You)
  11. Dance With Me
  12. If I Were a Bell

Les grands succès (1976)Edit

Petula Clark - Les Grands Succés

Les grands succès

  1. C'est ma chanson
  2. Hello Dolly
  3. Roméo (Salome)
  4. Je chante doucement
  5. Je me sens bien auprès de toi
  6. Marin
  7. Chariot
  8. La dernière valse
  9. O o sheriff
  10. Dans le temps
  11. Vilaine fille, mauvais garçon
  12. Tout le monde veut aller au ciel, mais personne ne veut mourir

The Greatest Hits of Petula Clark (1986)Edit

Petula Clark - The Greatest Hits of Petula Clark

The Greatest Hits of Petula Clark

  1. Downtown
  2. A Sign of the Times
  3. Don't Sleep in the Subway
  4. Let It Be Me
  5. Colour My World
  6. The Girl's in Love With You
  7. Kiss My Goodbye
  8. I Couldn't Live Without Your Love
  9. I Know a Place
  10. The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener
  11. Who Am I?
  12. My Love
  13. Happy Heart
  14. You'd Better Come Home
  15. This is My Song
  16. Round Every Corner

Greatest Hits (1993)Edit

Petula Clark - Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

  1. Downtown
  2. Romeo (Salome)
  3. Sailor
  4. Don't Give Up
  5. Kiss Me Goodbye
  6. I Couldn't Live Without Your Love
  7. A Sign of the Times
  8. Colour My World
  9. Round Every Corner
  10. Baby Lover
  11. My Love
  12. This Is My Song
  13. I Know a Place
  14. The Song of My Life
  15. Don't Sleep in the Subway
  16. My Friend the Sea
  17. Happy Heart
  18. Call Me
  19. The Windmills of Your Mind
  20. The Show Is Over

Very Best of Petula Clark (1996)Edit

Petula Clark - Very Best Of

Very Best of Petula Clark

  1. It's a Sign of the Times
  2. This Is My Song
  3. Downtown
  4. I Couldn't Live Without Your Love
  5. You're the One
  6. I Know a Place
  7. Kiss Me Goodbye
  8. Color My World
  9. Mad About You
  10. Don't Sleep in the Subway
  11. The Other Man's Grass (Is Always Greener)
  12. My Love
  13. Give It a Try

The International Collection (1999)Edit

Petula Clark - The International Collection

The International Collection

Disc 1
  1. St. Tropez
  2. Du bist mein Anfang und mein Schluss
  3. Monsieur
  4. Kapitän, Kapitän
  5. Warum muss man auseinandergeh'n (Mit weißen Perlen)
  6. Unser Liebestraum
  7. Casanova baciami
  8. Petula's Twist (Ich suche einen Mann)
  9. Dancing in the Moonlight
  10. Hula Hawaiiana
  11. Cheerio (Chariot)
  12. Padam, padam
  13. Mille mille grazie
  14. Gigolo gigolino
  15. Eso beso
  16. Luna rossa bossa nova
  17. Darling Chèrie
  18. Alles was ich will
  19. Es ist vorbei
  20. Deine Liebe ist wunderbar
  21. Warum darf mein Herz nur träumen (Crying Through a Sleepless Night)
  22. Cœur blessé (Torture)
  23. Vis-à-vis (A London)
  24. Alles ist nun vorbei (Anyone Who Had a Heart)
  25. Mister Wunderbar
Disc 2
  1. Wie ein Mann (He Walks Like a Man)
  2. Downtown
  3. Come On My Boy (I Know a Place)
  4. Darling, verzeih (Now That Your Gone)
  5. Kann ich dir vertrauen
  6. Es steht in den Sternen
  7. Happy Journey - bon voyage (Alternate version)
  8. Verzeih die dummen Tränen (My Love)
  9. Deine Liebe ist wunderbar (You're the One)
  10. So wunderbar verliebt zu sein (I Couldn't Live Without Your Love)
  11. Wunderschön wie heut' (Where Did We Go Wrong)
  12. Es kann kein Wunder grösser sein
  13. Komm tanz mit mir (Dance With Me)
  14. Love - so heisst mein Song (This Is My Song)
  15. Happy Journey - bon voyage
  16. Alle Leute wollen in den Himmel (Tout le monde veut aller au ciel, mais personne ne veut mourir)
  17. Schade (Non mi guardi mai)
  18. Träume, die niemand verbieten kann
  19. Kiss Me Goodbye
  20. Lass keinen Tag vergeh'n (The Show Is Over)
  21. Vom Winde verweht (My Own True Love)
  22. Du bist für mich ein Mann (Donne-moi des fleurs)
  23. Melody Man
  24. Studiotalk to 'Nimm Dir die Zeit'
  25. Nimm dir die Zeit (Il faut trouver le temps d'aimer)
  26. Das ist mein Leben, Cherie (C'est le refrain de ma vie)
  27. Wie du (For Love)
Disc 3
  1. Sul mio carro (Chariot)
  2. Darling Cherie
  3. Monsieur
  4. Se mi vuoi amare (Unser Liebestraum)
  5. La nostra storia (Elle est finie la belle histoire)
  6. Sto volentieri con te (Dance On)
  7. Quelli che hanno un cuore (Anyone Who Had a Heart)
  8. È finito tutto (J'ai tout oublié)
  9. Pagherai (Torture)
  10. La frontiera
  11. Invece no
  12. Non mi guardi mai (False start)
  13. Non mi guardi mai
  14. Ciao ciao (Downtown)
  15. Se te ne vai (Now That You're Gone)
  16. Io resto qui (Regardez-les)
  17. Ma... (Le cœur qui bat)
  18. Gocce di mare (Round Every Corner)
  19. Un giorno mi hai sorriso
  20. L'amore e'il vento (My Love)
  21. La terra
  22. Cosa cerchi nel mondo (Where Am I Going)
  23. Cara Felicità (This Is My Song) (False start)
  24. Cara Felicità (This Is My Song) (And spoken ending))
  25. Kiss Me Goodbye
  26. È stato il vento
  27. Il sole nel cuore (Happy Heart)
  28. La dove muore il sole (Some)
  29. Quando un grillo canterá (Lovin' Things)
Disc 4
  1. Un girasole
  2. Questo amore mai
  3. Splendido
  4. Piccolo baby
  5. Melody Man
  6. Settembre mi riporterà (Il faut trouver le temps d'aimer)
  7. È una canzone così (C'est le refrain de ma vie)
  8. Amor (For Love)
  9. Monsieur (Alternate version)
  10. Ciao ciao (Downtown) (Alternate stereo version)
  11. Kiss Me Goodbye (Alternate stereo version)
  12. Splendido (Alternate TV version)
  13. ¿Que tal, Dolly? (Hello Dolly)
  14. Pequeña flor (Petite fleur)
  15. Tú no tienes corazón (Anyone Who Had a Heart)
  16. Cantando al caminar (Je chante doucement / The Road)
  17. Liebe in St. Tropez
  18. Du bist mein Anfang und mein Schluss (Alternate version)
  19. Monsieur (Alternate stereo version)
  20. Hula Hawaiiana (Alternate version)
  21. Mille mille grazie (Alternate version)
  22. Es Steht in den Sternen (False start)
  23. Es Steht in den Sternen (Alternate version)
  24. Love - so heisst mein Song (This Is My Song)
  25. Studiotalk to 'Love - so heisst mein Song'
  26. Alle Leute wollen in den Himmel (Tout le monde veut aller au ciel, mais personne ne veut mourir) (Alternate version)
  27. Schade (Non mi guardi mai) (Alternate version)

Other SongsEdit

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  1. (They Long To Be) Close To You
  2. A House Is Not A Home
  3. A Song For You
  4. Afraid To Dream
  5. All Through The Day
  6. Am I That Easy To Forget? (Tu reviendras vers ta maison?)
  7. Baby I'm Yours
  8. Baby It's Cold Outside
  9. Band Of Gold
  10. Beloved Be Faithful
  11. Can't Get You To Love Me
  12. Can't Take My Eyes Off You
  13. Cat In The Window (The Bird In The Sky)
  14. Charlie My Boy
  15. Clancy Lowered The Boom
  16. Corner Of The Sky
  17. Cross the Border
  18. Dance On
  19. Do-Re-Mi
  20. Don't Make Me Over
  21. Dont Give Up
  22. Downtown '88
  23. Downtown 2004
  24. Downtown/de
  25. Every Step Of The Way
  26. Fancy Meeting You Here
  27. Fixing To Live
  28. Games People Play
  29. Gonna Find Me a Bluebird (cover of "Gonna Find Me a Bluebird" by Marvin Rainwater)
  30. Happy Together
  31. I Could Have Given You More
  32. I Don't Know How To Love Him
  33. I Dreamed a Dream
  34. I Have Confidence
  35. I'll Always Love You
  36. I've Grown Accustomed To His Face
  37. Imagine
  38. Island In The Sun
  39. It Amazes Me
  40. It Had To Be You
  41. It's A Musical World
  42. It's The Sign Of The Times
  43. Je Danse Dans Ma Tête
  44. La Nuit N'En Finit Plus
  45. Little Shoemaker
  46. Long Before I Knew You
  47. Losing My Mind
  48. Loving Arms
  49. Lucky Day
  50. Mariandl
  51. May Kway (Rose, Rose, I Love You)
  52. Maybe I'm Amazed
  53. Mighty Like A Rose
  54. Monday, Monday
  55. Mother Of Us All
  56. Music! Music! Music!
  57. My Favorite Things
  58. My Guy
  59. My Love Is A Wanderer
  60. Never on a Sunday
  61. Nobody I Know
  62. Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener
  63. Pinball Wizard
  64. Play Me
  65. Poppa Piccolino
  66. Put Your Shoes On, Lucy
  67. Saturday Sunshine
  68. Seasons Of Love
  69. Sign of the Times
  70. Silver Dollar
  71. Silver Spoon
  72. Smile
  73. Somebody
  74. Teasin'
  75. The Boy from Ipanema
  76. The In Crowd
  77. The Little Blue Man
  78. The Lonely Goatherd
  79. The People Tree
  80. The Sound Of Music
  81. The Wedding Song (There Is Love)
  82. The Yellow Rose Of Texas
  83. These Are The Days Of Our Lives
  84. Thirty First Of June
  85. Volare
  86. Wedding Song (There Is Love)
  87. When I Fall In Love/Let There Be Love
  88. Where Did My Snowman Go
  89. Wishin and Hopin'
  90. With All My Heart
  91. You Are My Lucky Star
  92. You're the Only One

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  • Occupations: singer, songwriter, composer, actress
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Petula Clark is a performance name for Sally Olwen Clark.

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1939 - present

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