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Mr. Mistake

This song is by Peter Wolf and appears on the album A Cure for Loneliness (2016).

I play the horse and they knew me at the track
And I bet a lot of winners see I guess I had the knack
My picks came in like widows out a crowded Irish wait
But then I blew more money than a good man ever made
That's why I earned the name called Mr. Mistake
They told me you were trouble I said your piece of cake
I thought you was a tragic girl but you're nothing but a fake
I thought you was a goddess or at least some kind of saint
You took me to the cleaners girl a saint is what you ain't
So chalk another one off for Mr. Mistake hey

Ah Snake eye
Oh yeah

So now I'm counting cards what has happened down in our hotel
And I'm spending what I borrowed on this cut rate musketeer
I found that dark evening a hard earning can break
Hope one day to change this name from Mr. Mistake

Jokers wild

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