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Peter Hammill
This song is performed by Peter Hammill and appears on the album Fool's Mate (1971).
Looking out forward over the prow of our long ship,
pulling our oars and listening to the foam;
helmets and sheepskins salt-damp in the sea-mist:
we're going home.

Aslak of Langadale, Einar Thorgeirsson,
Olaf the White and Sigurd the Powerful...

Looking for constellations above the horizon,
West wind cutting sharper than our blades;
smiling forever into an endless sunrise,
we're flying on the waves.

Thorfin Karlsefny, Aud the Deep-Minded,
Snorri Thorbrandsson, Thorstein the Black....

Out of dark Vinland, with grey waves racing before us –
we want no rest.
Back to the homeland, Iceland, sleeping in winter –
back from the West.
Five years we roam;
now we're going home.


Written by Peter Hammill & Chris Judge Smith, Manchester 1967.

  • Martin Pottinger – drums.
  • Rod Clements – bass guitar & violin.
  • Ray Jackson – mandolin & harp.
  • Dave Jackson – flute.
  • Bob Fripp – electric guitar.
  • Paul Whitehead – tam-tam.
  • Peter Hammill – vocals, acoustic guitar & harmonica.

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