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No Rot

This song is by Peter Hammill and appears on the album The Fall of the House of Usher (1991).

USHER There will be no rot!
No rot in Usher!
We have lived with thunder,
And with thunder shall we fall!
MONTRESOR I cannot make you come but hear what I say.
Send Madeline with me to some healthy place.
USHER No rot! No rot in Usher!
We have lived by lightning
And but lightning shall we fall!
No slide into slow decay,
No shrivelling splendour
No gradual ebbing away,
No quiet surrender!
No rot! No rot in Usher!
We have lived as Titans and as Titans we must fall!
Usher montresor
Don't talk of rot
No rot in Usher!
Roderick, try and calm yourself
Just tell me why I should! this cannot do you good.
These thoughts...
Are folly.
Everything I've tried to I have tried to help you
Tell you, you've misunderstood I've done everything I could.
Come, why should we fight
This way
We have enough troubles.
What was it we used to say? What was it we used to say?
A problem shared is doubled! A problem shared is doubled!
Ushers do not flee! Ushers to not flee!
Montresors stand firm! Montresors stand firm!
So we stand together, So we stand together,
Stand together stand together
By dint of long
And undisturbed endurance...
We could defeat the House,
My friend.
VOICES OF We shall not
THE HOUSE let him go!
We shall not let him go!


Music by:

Peter Hammill.

Lyrics by:

Chris Judge Smith.

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