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The End of the Game (1970)Edit

Peter Green The End Of The Game

The End of the Game

  1. Bottoms Up
  2. Timeless Time
  3. Descending Scale
  4. Burnt Foot
  5. Hidden Depth
  6. The End of the Game

Heavy Heart (1971)Edit

Peter Green - Heavy Heart

Heavy Heart

  1. Heavy Heart
  2. No Way Out

Beasts of Burden (1972)Edit

Peter Green - Beasts of Burden

Beasts of Burden

  1. Beasts of Burden
  2. Uganda Woman

In the Skies (1978)Edit

Peter Green In The Skies

In the Skies

  1. In the Skies
  2. Slabo Day
  3. A Fool No More
  4. Tribal Dance
  5. Seven Stars
  6. Funky Chunk
  7. Just for You
  8. Proud Pinto
  9. Apostle

Little Dreamer (1980)Edit

Peter Green Little Dreamer

Little Dreamer

  1. Loser Two Times
  2. Momma Don'tcha Cry
  3. Born Under a Bad Sign
  4. I Could Not Ask for More
  5. Baby When the Sun Goes Down
  6. Walkin' the Road
  7. One Woman Love
  8. Cryin' Won't Bring You Back
  9. Little Dreamer

Whatcha Gonna Do (1981)Edit

Peter Green Whatcha Gonna Do

Whatcha Gonna Do

  1. Got to See Her Tonight
  2. Promised Land
  3. Bullet in the Sky
  4. Give Me Back My Freedom
  5. Last Train to San Antone
  6. To Break Your Heart
  7. Bizzy Lizzy
  8. Lost My Love
  9. Like a Hot Tomato
  10. Trying to Hit My Head Against the Wall
  11. Woman Don't
  12. Whatcha Gonna Do?

Blue Guitar (1981)Edit

Peter Green - Blue Guitar

Blue Guitar

  1. Apostle
  2. A Fool No More
  3. Loser Two Times
  4. Slabo Day
  5. Cryin' Won't Bring You Back
  6. Gotta See Her Tonight
  7. Last Train to San Antone
  8. Woman Don't
  9. Watcha Gonna Do?
  10. Walkin' the Road

White Sky (1982)Edit

Peter Green White Sky

White Sky

  1. Time for Me to Go
  2. Shining Star
  3. The Clown
  4. White Sky (Love That Evil Woman)
  5. Funky Jam
  6. It's Gonna Be Me
  7. Born on the Wild Side
  8. Fallin' Apart
  9. Indian Lover
  10. Just Another Guy
  11. Touch My Spirit
  12. Big Boy Now
  13. Corner of My Mind
  14. Carry My Love
  15. Just Another Guy (Vocal Version)

Kolors (1983)Edit

Peter Green Kolors


  1. Black Woman
  2. Bandit
  3. What Am I Doing Here?
  4. Bad Bad Feeling
  5. Same Old Blues
  6. Liquor and You
  7. Gotta Do It With Me
  8. Big Boy Now
  9. Funky Jam
  10. Apostle
  11. Whatcha Gonna Do?
  12. Rubbing My Eyes
  13. Long Way From Home
  14. Six String Guitar
  15. You Won't See Me Any More

Katmandu - a Case for the Blues (1985)Edit

Peter Green - Katmandu - A Case for the Blues

Katmandu - A Case for the Blues

  1. Dust My Room
  2. One More Night With You
  3. Crane's Train Boogie
  4. Boogie All the Way
  5. Zulu Gone West
  6. Blowing All My Troubles Away
  7. Strangers Blues
  8. Sweet Sixteen
  9. Who's That Knocking
  10. The Case

Legend (1988)Edit

Peter Green Legend


  1. Touch My Spirit
  2. Six String Guitar
  3. Proud Pinto
  4. The Clown
  5. You Won't See Me Any More
  6. Long Way From Home
  7. In the Skies
  8. Rubbing My Eyes
  9. What Am I Doing Here
  10. Corner of My Mind
  11. Carry My Love
  12. Bandit

Bandit (1996)Edit

Peter Green - Bandit


  1. Proud Into
  2. The Clown
  3. In the Skies
  4. Rubbing My Eyes
  5. Bandit
  6. Promised Land
  7. Last Train to San Antone
  8. Lost My Love
  9. Momma Don't Cha Cry
  10. One Woman Love
  11. Tribal Dance
  12. Just for You
  13. Black Woman
  14. Funky Jam

Best of Peter Green (1996)Edit

Peter Green - Best of Peter Green

Best of Peter Green

  1. In the Skies
  2. Loser Two Times
  3. Cryin' Won't Bring You Back
  4. Last Train to San Antone
  5. Apostle
  6. Little Dreamer
  7. The Clown
  8. Gotta See Her Tonight
  9. White Sky (Love That Evil Woman)
  10. Carry My Love
  11. Slabo Day
  12. A Fool No More
  13. Baby When the Sun Goes Down
  14. Funky Jam

Songs on CompilationsEdit

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Beasts of Burden
  2. 32-20 Blues
  3. Before the Beginning
  4. Black Magic Woman
  5. Bring Out the Gimp
  6. Corners of My Mind
  7. Dead Shrimp Blues
  8. Drunken Hearted Man
  9. First Train Home
  10. Hellhound on My Trail
  11. Homework
  12. I Could Feel the Whole World Turn Around Underneath Me
  13. I Loved Another Woman
  14. Kind Hearted Woman Blues
  15. Lazy Poker Blues
  16. Long Grey Mare
  17. Looking for Somebody
  18. Man of the World
  19. Milkcow's Calf Blues
  20. My Baby's Good to Me
  21. Need Your Love So Bad
  22. Oh Well
  23. Preachin' Blues
  24. Rambling Pony
  25. Rattlesnake Shake
  26. Stones in My Passway
  27. Stop Messin' Around
  28. Take Out Some Insurance
  29. Terraplane Blues
  30. The Green Manalishi
  31. Trying So Hard to Forget
  32. When You Got a Good Friend

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