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In Trouble Again

This song is by Peter Criss and appears on the album Out of Control (1980).


Babe I'm in trouble
In trouble again
Ride on the wrong side
Still you say you're my friend
You tell me you love me
I know it's a lie
The more that you squeeze me
The more I cry

And here comes trouble again
It's a kind of madness
Never ends

Now you can lock the door
Like so many times before
There's always a key to get in
And that key will lead you to sin
So don't try to fight it
You don't got a chance
Don't turn and walk away
It's only romance

Now I've been to New York
And L.A. twice and then
Trouble will find me
It always has
And I don't know
Does it show
I feel myself slippin'
And I can't say no

Here comes trouble again
And it's a kind of madness
Never ends

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