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Peter Cetera (1981)Edit

Peter Cetera - Peter Cetera
Peter Cetera
  1. Livin' in the Limelight
  2. I Can Feel It
  3. How Many Times
  4. Holy Moly
  5. Mona Mona
  6. On the Line
  7. Not Afraid to Cry
  8. Evil Eye
  9. Practical Man
  10. Ivy Covered Walls

Solitude/Solitaire (1986)Edit

Peter Cetera - Solitude
  1. Big Mistake
  2. They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To
  3. Glory of Love
  4. Queen of the Masquerade Ball
  5. Daddy's Girl
  6. The Next Time I Fall (featuring Amy Grant)
  7. Wake Up to Love
  8. Solitude/Solitaire
  9. Only Love Knows Why

One More Story (1988)Edit

Peter Cetera - One More Story
One More Story
  1. Best of Times
  2. One Good Woman
  3. Peace of Mind
  4. Heaven Help This Lonely Man
  5. Save Me
  6. Holding Out
  7. Body Language (There in the Dark)
  8. You Never Listen to Me
  9. Scheherazade
  10. One More Story

World Falling Down (1992)Edit

Peter Cetera - World Falling Down
World Falling Down
  1. Restless Heart
  2. Even a Fool Can See
  3. Feels Like Heaven (featuring Chaka Khan)
  4. Wild Ways
  5. World Falling Down
  6. Man in Me
  7. Where There's No Tomorrow
  8. The Last Place God Made
  9. Dip Your Wings
  10. Have You Ever Been in Love?

One Clear Voice (1995)Edit

Peter Cetera - One Clear Voice
One Clear Voice
  1. The End of Camelot
  2. Faithfully
  3. (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight (featuring Crystal Bernard)
  4. Apple of Your Daddy's Eye
  5. One Clear Voice
  6. Wanna Be There
  7. The Lucky Ones
  8. Still Getting Over You
  9. S.O.S. (featuring Ronna Reeves)
  10. And I Think of You
  11. Happy Man

You're the Inspiration: A Collection (1997)Edit

Peter Cetera - Inspiration
You're the Inspiration: A Collection
  1. If You Leave Me Now
  2. The Next Time I Fall (featuring Amy Grant)
  3. Do You Love Me That Much?
  4. Feels Like Heaven (featuring Chaka Khan)
  5. You're the Inspiration (featuring Az Yet)
  6. I Wasn't the One (Who Said Goodbye) by Agnetha Fältskog (featuring Peter Cetera)
  7. She Doesn't Need Me Anymore
  8. Baby, What a Big Surprise
  9. (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight (featuring Crystal Bernard)
  10. After All by Cher (featuring Peter Cetera)
  11. S.O.S. (featuring Ronna Reeves)

Another Perfect World (2001)Edit

Peter Cetera - Another Perfect World
Another Perfect World
  1. Perfect World
  2. Rain Love
  3. Just Like Love
  4. Feels Like Rain
  5. I'm Coming Home
  6. It's Only Love
  7. Rule the World
  8. Have a Little Faith
  9. Only Heaven Knows
  10. Whatever Gets You Through (Your Life)

Songs on Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Next Time I Fall In Love
  2. The Next Time I Fall
  3. Alone For The Holidays
  4. Blue Christmas
  5. Hard To Say I'm Sorry/You're The Inspiration/Glory Of Love
  6. I'll Be Home For Christmas
  7. Jingle Bells
  8. Let It Snow
  9. S.O.S. - With Ronna Reeves
  10. The Christmas Song
  11. Whatever Gets You Through
  12. Winter Wonderland
  13. You Just Gotta Love Christmas
  14. Voices That Care

Additional information

Artist information:
  • Born: 1944
  • Instruments: voice, guitar, bass guitar, accordion, keyboards
Years active:
  • 1962 - present
Peter Cetera was a member of:
Related artists:
Record labels:

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