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That Soul Twist

This song is by Peter Case and appears on the album Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John (2007).


Another night, another show
Another day so far to go
Couple hours, motel room
I'll be back on my highway soon

Forget tomorrow and the jam you're in
You're alive right now as you've ever been
The line you shoot will never miss
That's the old soul twist

The judge ignored your earnest pleas
Truth was buried, lies were eased
Come on down, try to sleep
Rest your eyes stay off your feet

You can walk the moon or swim the sea
If it's not too late it'll never be
You hold the treasure in your fist
Let it go, that's the old soul twist, that old soul twist

Bang it, dang it, hang it on the wall
Throw it out the window, run and catch it before it falls
Used to go like that, now it goes like this
Time to do that old soul twist

Pressures on, money's tight
Everything will be alright
Stay awake, stay alert
Do the things you know will work

The only strength is the strength to live
The only life is the life we give
Live to give, that's the word
And all the wisdom that I've heard

Used to go, now it goes like this
That's the old soul twist

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