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Every 24 Hours

This song is by Peter Case and appears on the album Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John (2007).


Driving twelve hours after the show
Hit the boarder at dawn and kept going
As the moon crossed my path, I was doing the math
Will I make it? There's no way of knowing

I should've called home fore
She went to sleep
Now I pray the lord for
Her soul to keep
Tomorrow will tell
Who's been tending the sheep

The world turns every 24 hours

Under a bridge in the black squalling rain
I could see then but just for an instant
As the wind hauled the morning roared like a train
And the skyline was lost in the distance

Who moved the furniture?
Who hit the light?
Everything's changing
But nothin' seems right.
I thought I was smart
But that was last night

The world turns every 24 hours

The arrows were down and the way through the town
Was blocked by the flood & a crash site
The cop waved me through but I thought of you
'Cross ten thousand miles of moonlight

Life's opportunity
Moves with great speed
Pay close attention
It's not guaranteed
We live in the whirl of
Wonder and greed

The world turns every 24 hours

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