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Nowhere No Way

This song is by Peter Buck and appears on the album Peter Buck (2012).

Nothing to do, yeah, just killing time
Couple drinks in the morning, maybe tequila in lime
Pop a few Valiums, help kick it in
Afternoon decision, whisky or gin

Bought a car, '73 Chevrolet
No run so good, I'm going nowhere no way
Now it's all broke up in the front yard, almost left off alone.
Sometimes I slip inside, turn the radio on

Since you left me I've been deafer than blind
Funny how much trouble, a broken man can find
It ain't big trouble, just a piddling cane
Sometimes when you fuck up, it can focus the mind

I watch the chucks roll in, in the the time drift away
Amazing how quickly, passes the day
I don't feel lonely, the least I can say
But please drop by, if you're passing this way
Please drop by, if you're passing this way

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