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Blue Eyed William

This song is by Peter Blegvad and appears on the album The Naked Shakespeare (1983).

Several conversations
Bleed you right down to doll-size
Hold on confrontations
Danger calls out to starry skies

Blue-eyed, blue-eyed William
Hammers your holy corner
Christ died 'cause people killed him
You need just one to warn ya

Sold on the opposition
Crazy about their shows of force
Changing to a new position
The map says you're sailing way off course
Gone off of your own volition
Old boys told you to get a horse

Blue-eyed, blue-eyed William
Forging his new estate of
Counting to seven million
Takes up all his leisure

Some say it's conversation
But you hear incoherent cries
Like static between two stations
William insists it ain't just noise

Blue-eyed, blue-eyed William
He's guarded and he's wary
These noises, do they serve a purpose?
Or are they merely arbitrary?

Blue-eyed, blue-eyed William
He's clinging to royal wreckage
How could they cram so much goodness
Into such a tiny package?

Blue-eyed William, blue-eyed William
Blue-eyed William, blue-eyed William

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