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What a Friend We Have in Congress

This song is by Pete Seeger and appears on the album Wimoweh and Other Songs of Freedom and Protest (1968).

What a friend we have in Congress
Who Will guard our every shore
Spends three quarters of our taxes getting ready for a war
Guns must make our coast line bristle,
And we have to fill the sky
Full of planes and guided missles
They'll be paid for by and by.
Have you notice all the progress
In our might airborne fleet?
By the time a planes adopted
Its already obsolete.
There's no factory profit brother
And we have to do or die.
One improvment then another,
They'll be paid for by and by.
Modern bombs are sure to carry
Loads or glory joy and thrill!
What a privilege to bury
All the dead our money kills.
Never mind the widows weeping.
Disgregard the orphans cry.
When God wakes the dead and sleeping,

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