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This song is by Perzonal War and appears on the album Bloodline (2008).

I am dreaming in silence
My visions-not fiction
They're real
And I know there's another world
I'm sure there is
Something I feel

I am crossing the border
A secret throws shadows on me
And ahead lies my answer
Just one step away but
Still too far to see
Irrational hate leads
Me Straight into this cavity
The kingdom of the worm is waiting for me

I'm sure the missing link is me
You could see through my eyes
Just one step forward
Set me free
And what I tried to keep slowly dies

My safe hoard is gone
Take from me
Now I am not more than one
And thus this new breed of life
For me just means that another one dies

It was my safe home but they have changed it all
They have brought hell into my sleep
Another memory is vanishing,fading away

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