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Worlds Collide

This song is by Persuader and appears on the album The Fiction Maze (2014).

Silence me, hold me back
Stabbing my way to the grave
Swallowed by hate, will never retreat
No surrender
Unleash the messiah, terror will reign
What was given to me, released upon the world

Nothing is gained, nothing is won

Faced the war on the highlands
Only misery is left to me

Bleeding shadow, I walk the endless mile
Worn soul tear my dead eye smile
A lust that cannot die
Rise to destroy

Silence them, not time to rest
Death is so beautiful
Trust the wind, trust the fire
No salvation
Burning the phoenix
No longer mortal man
What was given to me, released upon the world

When you are gone my kingdom will come

A fallen broken voice I hear
Of ancient times so near
But where has it gone
I dream within a life without
Reflections betray me
Haunting my every waking hour
Their bare outstretched fingers
Caress me like razors and blades
You're finally mine

Will I ever wear the crown
The weight of the world is wearing me down
With a vision of death by my side
My screams fade away

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