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The Fiction Maze

This song is by Persuader and appears on the album The Fiction Maze (2014).

Torn, divided, deliverance or pain
Master or slave, this endless game
My will ain't stronger than hope
No one weaker than I
A malevolent addiciton, born from flesh to sin
A call inside
My blinded mind now in control
I hear the master in my mind
Are you the hellbound one
I am God's evil bastard son
The demon of mine

All I see, people defiled
Always hiding behind false smiles
Now I am stronger than all
A fearful creature
And when tomorrow comes the emptiness is gone
My journey's just begun

Another tempting of the soul, I can't deny it
Inverted pleasures grow a worm inside

Call for eternal night
Angels and demons
Another nightmare await for us all
With the wind on my back I make my way down to hell
As we march we will learn not to fear the flame

Like a storm, the rage in us all
Keeping inside a vision clear
There's only vengeance and doom
No mercy, no fear
Rid them of resistance
Designed to fail
My last chapter wrote itself

The demon is now inside
No use for prayers as shadows fall
Without remose I shall conquer them all

Falling, leaving all the troubles behind
Bleeding, burning, facing the light
Some things will never change
Just give me a reason to follow the trail of the one

Another tempting of the souls

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