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Son of Sodom

This song is by Persuader and appears on the album The Fiction Maze (2014).

Taken from the deepest dark to be thrown into the fire
Stolen from a scenery of temptation
You bleed, you scream, anything would do
The pain alone is a price for your redemption

With shame and disgust beholders call out
But you cannot see them
Beaten and broken, a king of the rats
Deprived of feelings

Unholy ways since the dawn of time
Newborn morning has left you blind
All I see is what I believe
Son of Sodom rise
Return to the skies with me

Dying for perception, in need of yesterday
A welcomed strength behind a see-through shelter
One strike, one kill, everything will do
The path of salvation will come

We're dying behind our disguise
The hunger, can't take it no more
Smashing and forcing our way 'til it's done
My clan made of outcasts, uncounted and scum has won
System on fire
Death or glory
Hell awaits

With absence of shame we carry the bliss
Me and my disciples
In triumph we stand, it's time to raise hell
And you're all invited

Hail the mass, they gather for more
Under the bridge by the river shore
Freedom is timeless, forgetting the end of days
Remain to sustain

A man of the lost reborn to this world
Blessed to turn holy water to wine
Pledge to no guardian, let blood seal their fate
Mankind created this thing you call sin

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