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Sent To The Grave

This song is by Persuader and appears on the album The Fiction Maze (2014).

Trapped in madness, destroying the soul
Chasing illusions of the past
Heaven is a lie unseen hidden in darkness
Hail the god that feeds your reflection
On bended knees you pray
The hunt is on, you will never be there alone

Liar, all life transpire
Some people envy, I see it clear
Pledge your allegiance
Embrace all the things you fear

Burn the bridges, fuel the flames
I dedicate my life to this
Show them who will not follow
Your precious pride means nothing to me
They will try to keep you safe
Just walk away, don't believe what they say
Or you'll be sent to the grave

Pray the end will justify the means
Paralyze the tired and weak
Ways of the old and restless still linger
Fail to evolve, one step from the grave
Commit to ascension and die
Silence the herd, evil is of flesh and bone

Some people envy, I see it clear
Pledge your allegiance to me

You build your walls on Earth
No one deserves to pass
Primitive pride is close at hand
You'll never cross me

What you've been told are lies
Your holy father betrayed your trust
Nails through your hands, the final touch
Suffer your sins, cause now you are mine
Helpless to the force from below
You cherish your church in vain
Nothing remains of the world that you know
You're welcome to Hell's domain

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