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One Lifetime

This song is by Persuader and appears on the album The Fiction Maze (2014).

God of light, lord of the human plague
A world of blood disgrace
Twisting through the never-ending cynical fiction maze
One in millions dare to not kneel before you
A pear to save us all
Spring of demise will turn to fall

Crowning of kings, the spoils to the victor
On frozen ground, summon the legions

One lifetime
One chance to find your way on home
Say goodbye, no sacrifice
Power and might to us all

So you awake, enforced by deadly rage
No longer bound to the illusion
We cease the mind-intrusion, a new world to reinstate
I make you fall from grace
Despise your warm embrace
Deliver the one that still believes

Bleeding world suffer

The clouds divide, your paradise is burning
You'll never live to see your final day

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