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This song is by Persuader and appears on the album The Fiction Maze (2014).

You see him coming
In the corner of your room, from angles wrong
Long asleep from now awake
The shape stares back at you
Into the arms of dismay, full of decay
The sign of the star won't protect you no more
Descend into madness, down the abyss
The new world empire

But when the night turns to day you'll see
They bury their pain, and fury in me
Forever forsaken, abandoned, alone

You're falling in and out of time
And you won't live forever
God cannot be punished so I'm to blame
Dark heathen once more
But nothing remains the same

Voices inside me
Telling me of what has been and what will come
Slithering behind my eyes
My will is not my own
To the all knowing beast the sea will give birth
Humans will suffer and fear him like never before
Once more deceived
The one that cannot die will rule the Earth

Call upon the nameless one
Destroy the seal that bind
Follow only my command
You lower serving kind
Lead you on to a poisoned tune
Under the thousand-faced moon

Dark heathen rising up again

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