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Falling Faster

This song is by Persuader and appears on the album The Fiction Maze (2014).

Sweet sires of the flesh it calls me
Its song so true and clear
I taste it, I need it
I dare, I have no fear

Your open scar devour
With a senseless smile I penetrate
Degrading, senses fade
Forbidden pleasures unleashed

Souls lost in aberrations
From sin to sin in eternal flames
Feel no pain from my touch
A rebirth for the godless and darker designs

When the sun and the moon realign
Unholy alliance
From dusk 'til dawn
My apprentice you're sworn
By my side, relentlessly torn from inside

My child of the night befall thee
Her words within my might
I hear them, come feel them
No sounds just blinding light

This growing lust uncovered
One by one I desecrate
Unworthy human seed
For hidden secrets you bleed

Kneel, accept your crown of thorns
Redeemed or enslaved by passion and pain
No emotions nor dreams
For carnal pleasure you're damned in eternity

For one short moment of bliss
Beneath the waves, a celebration
Shed a tear and the moment's lost
My mind's eye in elevation

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