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Black Widow

This song is by Persephone and appears on the album Atma Gyan (2004).

I'm a black widow
It was you who poisoned my mind
I'm sick of being kind
Playing the sacrificed
Today you are my prey!

I'm a black widow
It's time for the deadly game
It makes no sense to put up a fight
You can't flee
'Cause I'm starving and I'm ready to eat

I'm a black widow
Come into my arms, don't be shy
You're my imprisoned
Now you'll get what you deserve
Are you ready to die?

How does it feel? - the deadly kiss
Can you feel it? - the poison...
The blood rushes through your veins
You shiver... and look full of pain...
Your lips are pale
You slowly getting high
Follow me into your worst nightmares

No one can escape his fate
No one can withstand her kiss

Black widow
Waiting for her sacrifice
Black widow
She loves to kill

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