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This song is by Performance and appears on the album (We Are) Performance (2007).

You changed your mind,
I won't be missed.
We pass happiness from hand to fist.
I dance,
I don't get very far,
I sink like rocks in a reservoir.
This ain't a club,
It's an abertoir,

Do you see what the vandals did to me?
They have taken ev'rything.
You feel so dangerously close,
Tell me things I can ignore,
Let's be delinquent, lets be outlaws.

Do you care at all?
I hear boys in the background when I call.
I need some time in a photograph,
My arms round friends I forgot about.
I'm sure the boys all smile in places where you are...

We drift like pain from your memory,
We fade like hate for an enemy,
And I see absence in your eyes,
You freeze like hope through a camera,
You drop like dates from a calendar.
The Vandals.
The Vandals.
Close your eyes.
I know your time has come.
Fall in.
Fall out.
It's fun.

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