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Live a little

This song is by Performance and appears on the album (We Are) Performance (2007).

Liberty burns a hole in your pocket,
Life's a brand new habit and you're going to have to
Stop it.
Fun is fun and must be done,
Just dance and die with anyone.
I took you in my arms my dear,
Your heart stopped in my palm for fear.

You look so alive today,
Take pain, take pain, take holiday.
I'm touched by your obscenity,
Your perverted serenity.
Don't touch what you can't afford.
What's this? What's that? What's this? What's it for?

Live a little, die a little.

Take pride in that grip you've got,
And steadily accept your lot.
Your pain is known and quickly killed,
Remain close and easily thrilled.
Punctured wives are deflated,
By lengthy lives spent sedated.

Rage rant, drug trance, death dance, romance,
Plan your life and then die in advance.
Cultivate perversity then broad with sensitivity.
Take a glance around your deathbed,
Confess, confess, confess you want more.

Live a little, die a little.

Wait for fate too late for hate,
Procrastinate and suffocate.
I could have tried to live for longer,
Could have tried to live for longer.

Take a moment such your eyes.
Think twise, think twise, think twise.
I want more.

(Does it hurt to stand in line allein in einer grossen
Mortality is fertilised, live a little, die a little).

I want more.

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