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Advance Upon the Real

This song is by Perfect Pussy and appears on the album Say Yes To Love (2014).

I have limitations when it comes to my desiring
And complicated feelings on desire and desiring
I need constant reinforcement
I'm at best a step removed from what's considered natural
I'm at worst disinterested in what's considered lovable
Love is love
But power is power
The challenge now is to climb down from the wall
And try what might have been
Develop and negotiate the secret space there between what I do
And what I say regarding fucking

But I won't, 'cause you I'm God in human form
You've never met anyone like me before
Stop me if you've heard this one before
If you promise to stay drunk or devoted
Then I'll do my best to stay for a while
And I know you'll never leave
You'll love me endlessly
But I got no desire left in me

I don't understand attraction
All attraction involves fear
And all fear is desire
I'm an advance upon the real
Not a step up from others, but a step away
I'm waiting in the interim of her and other her and him
Too dangerous to care for, too curious to pass by

Too interesting to love
But you're cool, so you'll try
And for a while things are gonna be just fine
Everything is gonna be fine
I've been God in a rose
I've been woven into quilts and a hundred bad songs
And I've done so much wrong
And because of me you can't like that one band anymore

Stop me if you've heard this one before

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