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Undaground Boss

This song is by Penthouse Players Clique and appears on the album Paid The Cost (1992).

Fuck it yeah
I think it's about time we come like this
Cause I'm tired
I'm tired and I'm tired and I'm tired and I'm tired

Clowning these fools on the mic cause they're bozos
And when I rock their hoes wanna go with me
Any mothafuckin place I'm going
Just because of these funky ass rhymes I'm blowing
Coming from the left on these sorry ass niggas
Thinking they're better cause their bankroll's bigger
That's bullshit this troop is unfadeable
Soon as I hit I'm paid in full
Back off of me punks cause I'm a loc
And I'll bust your monkey ass and tired of being broke
I will work this underground like a hound
Whatever you wanna do fools I'm down for
Banging you busters you don't know the real
Hang you by your balls till you sound a wheel
But I'ma run this punk niggas done this wrong for the fuck cost of a song
I'm the hard ass player from the PPC
Got punk mothafuckas crossing over to me
I could do it anyway anyhow right now
In the presence of a player perpetrators must bow

Yeah and that's what the fuck I'm talking about, suckers
So what the fuck's up this is Penthouse

Yo Compton, Playa Hamm from LA is bout to show you how the true players play
Peep the Renaissance debut of my clique
Beats the DJ Quik makes the freaks wanna freak
Yeah I went to Compton to find a DJ
Put him in my cutlass and brought him back to LA
JB put us down with the dollars we needed
We watched the 1200 and an E-mu SP
The boy got funky, too funky
This here turned out to be a true player's career
Quik told me this is how them Compton niggas did it
Work the underground till the over got with it
So if them sorry ass niggas could do this shit
I know goddamn well Penthouse gonna hit
All I wanna do is get a proper ass cap
I don't wanna fall into that drug bullshit trap
Cause I'm a dope dealer slinging dope ass rap
And perhaps I can get paid for these caps
PPC down your mothafuckin throat
Choking suckers out with that rhymes that I wrote
Chilling at the sleigh working for crumbs
Underestimators feeling pretty goddamn dumb
Treating me like I'm just a cleanup nigga
Me coming like this they couldn't figure
Now they get phased when they beat my take
They know I got paid when they see me drake
They want a jock licking I might let em in
Or I just might serve their monkey asses again
I paid the cost to be the boss
Serving no remorse every fighter in the world feel the mothafuckin force
Full coarse meals will be bent in the process
Each rhyme rhythm signifies who's best
So who's next I don't give a fuck where you're from
What you done to get here or hard you come
I ain't no gang banger but I'm a gangster
A player mothafuck up in your mother, I'll bang her
With rhymes for anyone and everyone involved
You got a problem sucker, run up
It's up
Yeah, goddamn skippy
It ain't no mothafuckin peanut butter, sucker
You know what's up
Yeah, we want it so I told you way back
You know what's happening
Yeah, the nigga Worms is in the penthouse
My brother Joke is in the penthouse
Ritchie Rich is in the penthouse
That nigga Shake is in the penthouse
Rickys Step is in the penthouse
Big Slim is in the penthouse
The nigga Jewels is in the penthouse
That EazyZ mall in the penthouse
You know what's happening ain't nothing changed

Now, I don't contradict I just dick and pick
And they pay me when they play me tricks just as long for trip
I'm then one standing playing for PPC
I'ma give a fuck my name IMC ain't down with me
You heard of my crew, you knew we were coming
You knew soon as we hit your silly asses troop
They got us so hard but true we were remind
And when we hit the LYs things were changed for we, punk
Perpetrating marks get punked
You get us a broche and you'll get mocked
Don't even try to convince yourself of anything different
I keep telling you punks we play no favorites
DJ Quik and I will keep coming cause we're greater
Then any North, South or Westcoast perpetrator
All you oughta say to us, sucker MCs
Eat my muthafuckin dust
Hell yeah, I ain't gonna let off at all
OG PPC here to serve you all
Call your Mamas and Daddies they'll be jocking my feast
Telling you "Uh, sorry son, Playa Hamm got you beat"
Treat yourself, suckers, this is a free meal
One hundred percent unadulterated real
Play my tape and get mad
You know you can't fade it
We knew the shit was funky as soon as we made it
Yeah, you started this shit and now you wanna back out
Get your pencil and paper so I'ma see what you're talking about
I'm coming right back just as though you know it
I'm nothing but the boss Los Angeles poet
This underground shit is simple sometimes redundant
Which means it repeats itself if you were wondering
This is your level I work on multitudes
So that I can break it down low and real too
This is for the suckers that thought I couldn't do
But the real is that I just wouldn't do it before
But you mothafuckas wanted it this way
Now you talking bout "What the fuck did he say?"
You heard it right we wanted to play this shit right
And when it's six AM you know I'm giving up no slack
You made it easy for me to get over on the ground
Like I'ma said I'ma jacking this shit like my hound
A rhyme a day for the undead please
A rhyme a day for you suckers to feast


Written by:

Playa Hamm

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