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​Jus 2 Kep Yo Attenchun

This song is by Penthouse Players Clique and appears on the album Paid The Cost (1992).

Yeah, right back at you son
You're about to know what's truly truly up
Cause this is the real
You know what's happening
I play no favorites
You're rolling this shit, I told you

Just to keep your attention this is how I must come
You should have practiced prevention
You can't get none but want some
If knowledge run from prepare to retreat again
I never back up a damn so yo ho we meet again
I'm still pimping this mike suckers inclusive
Still sometimes abusive yet remaining true
And giving more back than I'm taking
Blazing on those that are faking
That sucker was mistaken who thought I would stop breaking
This team that I played for I prayed for and slayed for
Mine way more therefore you must pay more, need I say more
Get off my tip before I trip and rip you up
My tongue's like a switchblade slicing chumps like a paper cup
If you think you got cap some way you replacing rap
But it's out my face cause my rap's pimp slap suckers
Don't get it twisted I ain't misted I know what you're feeling
You ain't the first that thought about stealing something
But you better think twice, let it exit your mind
Right now I'm being nice if you feel frogish you'll find
My posse's packing while I'm macking just to back what I'm saying
Is it worth your life on earth?
Yo D, tell him how we're playing

Just to keep your attention
What you think of that
Just to keep your attention
You're rolling this
Just to keep your attention

Got to take over
A sucker tried to tell me I perpetrate a fraud
But every time he come around he's jocking me like a punk broad
To keep his attention I hit hard and direct
Nice rack 'cause he's checked by superior intellect
Keeping the rhyme flowing like the river now
So you know when I throw the party rocks for a while
My point of view grows wider, the grip on the grip grows tighter
Rhymes glide like a glider comes like a fire's on a biter
I practiced this tactics to maintain this gap
Saps get lapped, frees get trapped, asses get tapped
I'm taxing, never laxing, always watching the door
Kicking hard like the Greyjoy there's room for one more
Sucker fear if you dare run on PPC
My rhymes go, ah, yeah that's right baby, this is my gang
With no shame I run it like Goldie
Straight to the hole in finger roll cause this more velvety
Like belling down a bully on a hot summer day
In a silky shelled Cedric and a bottle of Perrier
And girlies please move docking but that I don't have to mention
Just like then it's just like now
Just to keep their attention

Just to keep your attention your night stays with the clique
Just to keep your attention
I ain't gonna sing, man, you want me to sing? But I don't do that shit
Sing it homeboy
Just to keep your attention
You know what's up
Just to keep your attention at all times

Check it out
Changing rearranging my style shows versatility
I'm versatile, get with my I'll be serving
And getting on nerves and scoping curves
And while I rocking I'm clocking
Shocking suckers like capital punishment
Charging them like a garnishment
I can mack at the mack, attacking like it's a jack
Drag at the track back to back
Packing the most potent dope sack
Intoxicating, demonstrating, stating facts of the matter
Capping the ball like I'm the mad hatter
There's really no one you can trust when you bust
Raps to kick up this much dust
But tell me what's all the fun over this sucker
Who really can't keep your attention
But I mean it when I see all up in it
Every time I wanna see I'm gonna see and it's simple
Penthouse is newer, we're truer but you're jocking him
So I see where your head's at
That's your prerogative
You're jocking a charlatan when PPC's positively rising
Giving you more than you asked for
Making your realize these suckers are disguising their idiocy with rapability
And now to keep your attention it's the PPC
Playa Hamm is not a macaroni I keep rolling
Sporting a sack far from crack your mind controlling
This is the real boy, not a toy boy
I have your girlie coming for me singing "You bring me joy"
Now that the latter stages of this rhyme has arrived
Suckers are glad but they know I keep them coming like a myriad
And only God and Playa Hamm do I trust
So when I bust suckers rust it's a must that I

Keep your attention
We gotta keep your attention
Hell yeah
You done noticed a certain godlike quality