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This song is by Penthouse Players Clique and appears on the album Paid The Cost (1992).

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Yeya, I love it like this, it's perfect
I'm ready

Under the influence of my own existence
I saw my future clear in the distance
Crystal clear as close as this yeya
So very near it's here
My future is my present
My turn to serve these MC peasants
This time the true player rhymes
Fresh out Los Angeles penetrating minds
Power moves beyond compare
Suckers just stop, stand still and stare defeated
Dissolution full of despair mistreated
Mass confusion's in the air
Biters feen for the rhymes I conceive
But now it's to late
Time for me to leave these pathetic pilfers prone to perpetrate
Parasitic perps, checkmate

Haha this is Penthouse, fools
Yeya, aha
It's laughing at you
Yo Tweak, I can't hear you, man

I am breaking busters down to their lowest times
Like rhymes in my grift ass crime
No mercy serving that's the way it should be
ABSOLUTE much closer then any others will come
Rap and rhyme are additives, I'm their sum
Returning to serve each time I exit
Just as OG just as complex as before
I ain't much harder then this y'all
My rhymes are chocolate, this is a kiss
Impressive, yes I've made things this way
How else can I serve suckers and can't go two ways
But impressively and absolutely, undoubtedly this is me
My time, my revolution, my fate

Aha, we wanted it, I told y'all though
Now do you want, spit out
But you already knew that, I know you knew that
Yeah, check it out

What I suggest I hits in succession
Leaving the rest in a state of depression
Constant progression of this profession
When the mic's in my possession poetic expression is imminent
Suckers, you wanna rhyme you got to get my consent
Checkmate, in other words, you're a loser
Consistently checkmate and the winner's the PPC
I've studied this rhyme game
This rhyme you're hearing is a conqueror
I've captured your king
Must I come clearer, must I now teach
Must I now preach in order to reach our play life
Seriously, furiously, cautiously
My purpose is mysterious to me
But how when I die will be the late great Playa Hamm

Yeya, whats up
How y'all living out there
You need to come like this
Come on and step to Penthouse
You know what's up
You know what's up
I love it
Right back in it for the remix
You know what I'm saying
Ain't miss the beat
Ain't lost the step
Yeah, aha
You wanna know why?
You wanna know why?

Cause I'm more chiller, much realer
Your girl, I'll thrill her like she's never been thrilled
Then I'll drill her like she's never been drilled
Drill you and if it's necessary full of rhymes or whatever
It doesn't matter to me
I will accommodate in any mood
In other words, welcome to my humble abo
Even simpler rap is Playa Hamms catus
Any point of view is a fantasy, a fallacy
No malice, just taking your place
Smooth climbing up over, the ladder's your face
This checkmate shot means unequivocally
The almighty MC, none other then I
And we the PPC do solemnly swear to serve
And to take this game to all you people the states

It's rolling over here
Don't even underestimate us over here
Don't even run up clowning yourself and illing and tripping
Come telling you, I play no favorites
I will serve anybody who feels they can fake any of this
So what you wanna do, do you know what I'm saying
Run up and get faded
Like I said before ain't back on for traps
I ain't missed it
But ain't no bitch car driving bust ass bitches all out
Yeah, yeah

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