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...The Beauty of Pain... (1997)Edit

  1. Autumn Is the Beauty of Pain
  2. Black Is the Sun Shining
  3. Into the Great Inferno
  4. A Mournful Bridge Over a River of Tears
  5. Necropolis
  6. My Secret Garden

Melancholia (1997)Edit

  1. Prolog
  2. I det unendelige
  3. Stille
  4. Veien
  5. The Dance of Demons
  6. The Undertaker
  7. Possessive Thought
  8. Det sorte tjern
  9. Stille (demo version)
  10. Veien (demo version)
  11. I det unendelige (demo version)

As Life Fades Away (1998)Edit

  1. Entering the Gate
  2. The Birth of My Funeral
  3. I Die and Become
  4. The Shadow of Sorrow
  5. Into the Vast Eternity
  6. A Last Temptation

Roses by Chaos Spawned (1999)Edit

  1. Voices in the Night
  2. A Bleeding Heart of Desire
  3. In Mortal Fear (Life & Death, Part I)
  4. The Arcane Epitaph
  5. Ancient Despair
  6. In Mortal Darkness (Life & Death, Part II)
  7. The Endless Spheres

Reflections of Past Memories (2001)Edit

  1. Fragments of My Past
  2. The Black Lake
  3. A Mournful Bridge Over a River of Tears
  4. Into the Great Inferno
  5. Necropolis
  6. A Last Temptation
  7. Entering the Gate
  8. Into the Vast Eternity
  9. Necropolis (Old Monks' Saga mix)
  10. A Mournful Bridge Over a River of Tears (Fragments mix)
  11. Black is the Sun Shining (Red Moon instrumental Deconstruction)

Songs of Despair (2002)Edit

  1. Despair
  2. God and Country
  3. The Test of Time
  4. Phantasm of Lost Existence
  5. A Gate to Past Times
  6. Manifesto
  7. Ancient Wisdom of the Forest
  8. At Feasts Full of Warm Blood

Roses By Chaos Spawned (2006)Edit

  1. Voices In the Night
  2. A Cathedral For The Silent Dead on some releases, per dg
  3. A Bleeding Heart of Desire
  4. In Mortal Fear (Life & Death Part I)
  5. The Arcane Epitaph
  6. Ancient Despair
  7. In Mortal Darkness (Life & Death Part II)
  8. The Endless Spheres

Other SongsEdit

  1. In The Infinitely
  2. Silence
  3. The Path I Follow

Additional information

Real name:

Penitent is a performance name for Karsten Hamre.

Also known as:

Arcane ArtBeastus RexDefraktorDense Vision ShrineKarsten HamreVeiled Allusions

Years active:

1994 - 2007

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