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...The Beauty of Pain... (1997)Edit

Penitent - ...The Beauty of Pain...

...The Beauty of Pain...

  1. Autumn Is the Beauty of Pain
  2. Black Is the Sun Shining
  3. Into the Great Inferno
  4. A Mournful Bridge Over a River of Tears
  5. Necropolis
  6. My Secret Garden

Melancholia (1997)Edit

Penitent - Melancholia


  1. Prolog
  2. I det uendelige (In the Infinitely)
  3. Stille (Silence)
  4. Veien (The Path I Follow)
  5. The Dance of Demons
  6. The Undertaker
  7. Possessive Thought
  8. Det sorte tjern
  9. Stille (demo version)
  10. Veien (demo version)
  11. I det unendelige (demo version)

As Life Fades Away (1998)Edit

Penitent - As Life Fades Away

As Life Fades Away

  1. Entering the Gate
  2. The Birth of My Funeral
  3. I Die and Become
  4. The Shadow of Sorrow
  5. Into the Vast Eternity
  6. A Last Temptation

Roses by Chaos Spawned (1999)Edit

Penitent - Roses by Chaos Spawned

Roses by Chaos Spawned

  1. Voices in the Night
  2. A Cathedral for the Silent Dead on some releases, per dg
  3. A Bleeding Heart of Desire
  4. In Mortal Fear (Life & Death, Part I)
  5. The Arcane Epitaph
  6. Ancient Despair
  7. In Mortal Darkness (Life & Death, Part II)
  8. The Endless Spheres

Reflections of Past Memories (2001)Edit

Penitent - Reflections of Past Memories

Reflections of Past Memories

  1. Fragments of My Past
  2. The Black Lake
  3. A Mournful Bridge Over a River of Tears
  4. Into the Great Inferno
  5. Necropolis
  6. A Last Temptation
  7. Entering the Gate
  8. Into the Vast Eternity
  9. Necropolis (Old Monks' Saga mix)
  10. A Mournful Bridge Over a River of Tears (Fragments mix)
  11. Black is the Sun Shining (Red Moon instrumental Deconstruction)

Songs of Despair (2002)Edit

Penitent - Songs of Despair

Songs of Despair

  1. Despair
  2. God and Country
  3. The Test of Time
  4. Phantasm of Lost Existence
  5. A Gate to Past Times
  6. Manifesto
  7. Ancient Wisdom of the Forest
  8. At Feasts Full of Warm Blood

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Penitent is a performance name for Karsten Hamre.

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Arcane ArtBeastus RexDefraktorDense Vision ShrineKarsten HamreVeiled Allusions

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1994 - 2007

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