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Fatal Flower Garden

This song is by Peggy Seeger and appears on the album Heading for Home (2003).

It rained, it poured, it rained so hard
Rained so hard all day
That all the boys in our school
Came out to toss and play

They tossed their ball again so high
Then again so low
They tossed into a flower garden
Where no one was allowed to go

Up stepped a beautiful lady
All dressed in yellow and green
Come in, come in, my pretty little boy
And fetch your ball again

I won't come in, I shan't come in
Without my playmates all
I'll go to my father and tell him about it
And that'll cause tears to fall

She first showed him an apple seed
Then a guinea gold ring
Then she showed him a diamond
And that enticed him in

She took him by his lily white hand
And led him through the hall
She put him into an uppermost room
Where no one could hear him call

O, take these finger rings off my fingers
Smoke them with your breath
If any of my friends should call for me
Tell them that I'm at rest

Tether the Bible at my head
The testament at my feet
If my dear mother should call for me
Tell her that I'm asleep

Tether the Bible at my feet
The Testament at my head
If my dear father should call for me
Tell him that I am dead


Written by:

Peggy Seeger

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