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Country Blues

This song is by Peggy Seeger and appears on the album Heading for Home (2003).

Now come all you good kind people
While I've got money to spend
Tomorrow may be Monday
And I'll neither have a dollar nor a friend

Now when I had plenty of money, good people
My friends were all standing around
But as soon as my pocketbook is empty
Not a friend on earth could be found

My papa told me a plenty, kind people
My momma told me more
Said, "Honey, if you don't quit your rambling ways
Find trouble at your door"

Oh, if I had-a listened to my momma, good people
I would not have been here today
But drinking and a-ramblin' and gamblin'
At home, I could not stay

All around this old jail house you see me, good people
Forty dollar won't pay my fine
Those men have ruined my body
Corn liquor have ruined my mind

Dig a hole, dig a hole in the meadow, kind people
Dig it deep in the cold, cold ground
Come gather around all you kind friends
And see your poor honey go down

And when I'm dead and buried
My pale face turned to the sun
Will you stand around and mourn, little lover
And think on the harm you have done?


Written by:

Peggy Seeger

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