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Folk Songs of Courting and Complaint (1954)Edit

Peggy Seeger - Folk Songs of Courting and Complaint

Folk Songs of Courting and Complaint

  1. Whistle Daughter, Whistle
  2. When I Was Single
  3. The House Carpenter
  4. When First Unto This Country
  5. All of Her Answers
  6. Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn
  7. The Wagoner's Lad
  8. Long Lonesome Road
  9. The Butcher's Boy
  10. The Old Maid
  11. Katy Cruel
  12. Leatherwing Bat

Peggy Seeger (1957)Edit

Peggy Seeger - Peggy Seeger

Peggy Seeger

  1. Cumberland Gap
  2. The Lady of Carlisle
  3. The Deer Song
  4. Come All Ye Fair and Tender Maidens
  5. I Never Will Marry
  6. Devilish Mary
  7. The Fair Maid by the Shore
  8. Soldier's Joy / Shady Grove / Georgia Buck
  9. The Wife of Usher's Well

An Odd Collection (1996)Edit

Peggy Seeger - An Odd Collection

An Odd Collection

  1. Wonderful World
  2. Housewife's Alphabet
  3. Leftwing Wife
  4. Sellafield
  5. If You Want a Better Life
  6. Emily
  7. Love Unbidden
  8. Old Friend
  9. For a Job
  10. Everyone Knows
  11. Vital Statistics
  12. You Men Out There
  13. It's a Free World
  14. Judge's Chair
  15. So Long Since I Been Home
  16. On This Very Day
  17. Da Dee da Da
  18. The Mother
  19. Lost

Heading for Home (2003)Edit

Peggy Seeger - Heading for Home

Heading for Home

  1. Heading for Home
  2. Country Blues
  3. Jackie Rover
  4. Dear Companion
  5. Oma Wise
  6. John Gilbert Is the Boat
  7. John Riley
  8. Soldier's Farewell
  9. Jenny's Gone Away
  10. Generous Lover
  11. Henry Lee
  12. Fatal Flower Garden
  13. Girl of Constant Sorrow

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