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Those Days

This song is by Peasant.

Yes I know
Yeah, I know what I should say
And I've been
Yeah, I've been around this way

Should we go?
Well, I'd rather go than stay
Make it feel like yesterday

You were my lover
But I have no other
Those days are gone

Don't you know
Don't you know that's how it goes
Well, I feel

Well, I feel bad for you but I don't
'Cause it's stupid and I won't
And I never should have known

You were my lover
But I found another
You were my other
But I gave up on you

I don't know who you think we are
You can't miss this nearly healing scar
I don't care I will stare right through you

Well, you were my lover
But now just another
And you were my other
You left me a lover


Written by:

Lou Reed

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