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This song is by Pavement and appears on the compilation album Westing (By Musket and Sextant) (1993).

Greetings, spent day riding forklift
Mother says NO.
Can't I for forklift me?
Want it because I need money and
Work time is my life not hers.

But what does it mean
?? Cash ??? sweating and puking
This is just a bunch of ??????
You can try again later
Pay Me.

But of course work sucks,
So spend week in Nevada
Dancing with old lady
Full of nickels
Full of nickels and dimes.
Makes me tired, lose myself,
Lose my cash

And then when I'm drunk I go over to dealer
Bobbi from Iowa and say
"Hello Bobbi, give me something more than 21."

Nothing left back home with Forklift
Driving past boss Kramer
Age 24, Delta High Phd.

"Say Mr. Kramer, tired of work,
Let me poof this forklift,
Let me puff this forklift."

This I ask: that you serve as a forklift too.

Christmas, christmas

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