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Slow Down

This song is by Paulson.

I learned to breathe underwater
When I turned nine
I had to learn how to save myself
I'm still alive

How does it feel to be 20 or 25?
Well I can hardly remember, I just survive

So when we met I was startled, I finally awoke
Blew out a breath full of water now that I'm not alone
I got a taste of the surface, I can't let it go
I used to sink but now I float

Slow down, stop rushing this
It feels like nothing else matters now
Love and lust can co-exist, so let's take our time

You said the days are getting shorter and you were right
'Cause all the stars were appearing, they multiplied

And so the more surrendered, the farther we fell
It was either you or the moment or both that I held?
As we descended on each other it got harder to tell
And now I can't control myself

Hearts that race and breath that stains
Covers ours to wear
So when we wake up underwater, I'll be there

Written by:

Alex Burton; Jesse Burton; John Anthony Guarente; Logan Christian Laflotte; Jeffrey Widner

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