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All Over

This song is by Paula Toller and appears on the album Só Nós (2007).

You won't tear your soul apart
From yourself
Y'turn me into a prision cell
To lock away your despair

It used to be so easy to pull me strings
But now I need to move on
Throw away your predation dreams
And keep the leftovers

It's all over now
I said it's all over now
I just don't know how
To get back to you

I could've been just anywhere
But I stood by you
And every step that I took, a bare
Shortcut to find you

For the unforgettable to reset,
You know that you better
"The Unforgettable" forget
Even leftovers

You won't tear you soul apart
And start
Go ahead, find another soul
It's all so over know

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